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Overthrowing Education

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May 29, 2023

Welcome to the 100th episode of Overthrowing Education! 

On today’s episode, I have the awesome privilege of chatting with 5 inspiring high school students – Pauline, Drizzle, Ella, Fahmi, and Katie and their equally inspiring teacher, Stacie Oliver. We mostly talk undgrading. Obviously, this is a topic I am passionate about, and I noticed in the Edu Twittersphere a teacher, Stacie, who was posting about her journey with her students about ungrading. I was impressed not only by Stacie, but also with her students whose work and reflections she sometimes posted.

I realized that with all of my episodes, and there are lots of good ones, about going gradeless and ungrading, they were mostly from the teacher’s point of view. So, I reached out to Stacie to see if I could have her and her students on to tell us about their adventures in ungrading. And also play The 5-Minute Game Show, of course!

I’d love to do this for 100 more episodes, at least and continue bringing passionate, creative and inspiring voices of educators and students, so please subscribe if you haven’t yet, and tell friends and colleagues to as well. And if you find yourself wanting an OE mug, t-shirt or tote bag here’s the Swag Shop.

Check out John Atkinson’s clever and funny cartoons including the ones that I used for The 5-Minute Game Show.

I want to thank my special guests Katie, Fahmi, Ella, Drizzle, Pauline and Stacie Oliver. Also, I’d like to thank the wonderful Barbara Heller who sang all the songs on the UnGradist Hits fauxmercial.