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Overthrowing Education

New episodes every other Sunday.

May 1, 2023

It is the 99th episode of Overthrowing Education and today’s topic is one I’ve haven’t addressed on the show yet, so I’ve brought on Sharon Duncan, who works extensively with gifted students and their families. And I also bring back innovative educator Jim Hahn, the founder of Qualia: The School for Deeper Learning and Arete Preparatory Academy before that. Last time Jim joined me with the co-founder of Qualia, Jon Cassie on episode 77. And of course, Qualia is also the sponsor of this show. When a school sponsors a podcast called Overthrowing Education that tells you a lot about how amazing that school is.

In our conversation, Sharon defines the various kinds of gifted students, and she also helps us understand how to best help them in our classes and schools. Jim continues to share some amazing ways to engage not only gifted students, but also curious students. And actually, these are things we can do to awaken curiosity in all of our students.


And that’s about it. I’d like to thank my guests today, Sharon Duncan and Jim Hahn, and my fauxmercial helping family Yossie and Tuvia Frankel.