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Overthrowing Education

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Apr 6, 2020

In this powerful episode, 12 educators in the trenches share their challenges, tips, tools and words of inspiration during this challenging time of a shut-down schools and distance learning. This is a double-sized episode that is filled with not-to-be-missed dispatches from all over the US (and one from Canada) representing all different communities and the difficulties they are facing along with the creative approaches these passionate educators are using.

The Best part is that this episode can be viewed as well at And I highly recommend watching because you can see the people who spoke with me. It’s amazing to see them as they tell their stories. And here’s the thing – just as there is a huge technological disparity that impacts how our students are able to access their learning right now, the video portion of this episodes shows the challenges of various WiFi connections, devices and so forth because some are clearer and smoother than others. I’m usually really picky when I edit my episodes, but this episode is very raw and real.  

And I added some bonuses as well.  I’m bringing back some of my favorite fauxmercials, one of which I fully animated. 

Also, I’m doing something a little different for the The 5-minute Game Show.  Instead of playing a game with my guest, because I had so many special guests today, this game show is strictly for you, the audience.  So play along, and then submit your answers to