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Overthrowing Education

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Nov 5, 2023

Jump into the Overthrowing Education archives with me in this encore episode!

Long-time educator Jared Magee, from the very cool The Winchendon School, shares what Impact Learning is, why it’s important, and how to make it happen for all educators. Jared and I discuss ways to take what he has learned from his experiences there and mine working for another non-traditional school, Arete Preparatory Academy , and apply them to other, more traditional school situations.

Special thanks to guest Jared Magee, and also Yossie Frankel for joining me on today’s fauxmercial!

Check out all of things we spoke about on this episode:

The school's website
The Winchendon School

A (literal) product of ColLABs
The Little Elf Cutter from Mr. Bryan Perla

Prose's (Jared’s podcast) Official Website


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