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Overthrowing Education

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Dec 27, 2021

Tara Raju, of the Mountain Region of the Anti-Defamation League, tells me all about an incredible resource for schools to create empathetic, tolerant learning environments for all students that work toward eliminating prejudice, implicit bias and bullying called No Place for Hate. We also discuss ways that individuals – whether teachers or students -can try to combat these issues even when they don’t have the support they need from their school.  One of the keys to eliminating inequities in our education system is to tackle the problems of prejudice head on, with our students taking the lead and adults providing support for them.

After listening to this episode, please check out the tons of resources and links below: (national website) (regional website) (regional NPFH website) - this site has our videos on it

Louisville Middle School (Colorado)


Rampart High School (Colorado)

Life in the Middle (Colorado Schools - about NPFH in Middle Schools)

Here are lots of amazing free online resources from ADL as well.

  1. Responding to Bias Incidents - Responding to Bias Incidents in Middle and High Schools: Resources and Best Practices for School Administrators & Educators
  2. Lesson Plans- is a collection of timely, relevant and free lesson plans for different grade levels (common core connected) to assist educators in teaching about news topics and other issues of the day.  
  3. Table Talk: Family Conversations About Current Events: provides parents and family members with the tools they need to engage their families in conversations about important news stories and other timely discussions about societal and world events. ​​​​​​​ 
  4. Books Matter- remarkable kids’ bibliography re: social justice issues.
  5. Rosalind’s Classroom Conversations–  bestselling author and bullying prevention specialist Rosalind Wiseman joins forces with ADL to provide a timely resource for educators.