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Overthrowing Education

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Jan 24, 2022

My guest is educational leader Matthew Woods, host of the podcast Leading Out of the Woods. Our discussion covers a lot of different important and timely issues – including how to address and ease teacher and educational leader burn-out, and how to cultivate and also be strong leaders.

We also play a very wacky, and very different kind of The 5-Minute Game Show. And Matthew definitely earns his Overthrowing Education mug.

You don’t even have to be subjected to my game show to get your own Overthrowing Mug (or T-shirt, tote bag or hoodie). Check out lots of goodies.

My special thanks to Matthew Woods, whose books we spoke of are ready and available, so check the links for everything in the show notes or on the OE website. And to the wonderfully talented voice actors Eli Schiff and Barbara Heller.

Links and Resources

Matthew's podcast: Leading Out the Woods

Author of the Children's Book series, "I Wanna Be..."