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Overthrowing Education

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Jan 9, 2023

If you haven’t yet listened to the first in this AI in Education series, episode 89, you might want to do that first. It’s not essential but it does give some background that feeds this episode’s discussion.
In that episode, I mention some excellent essays by super prolific author and columnist Stephen Marche. And now Stephen is my special guest on the show today. He is a font of information and a lot of fun to talk with. Among many other aspects, we discussed some great things we can do with AI in our lessons, along with other potential benefits.
Additionally, we addressed how AI will affect homework, tests, and essays in many subjects. We also get into the scary potential for increasing inequity in the education system. And I asked a really important question on many educators’ minds – Can AI write lesson plans for us?

Speaking of AI writing things for us, I decided to see what would happen when I asked ChatGPT to write my fauxmercial. And I really did give it the first and second prompt that were described in today’s fauxmercial, and those really were the responses it gave me. The rest of it I wrote and performed along with Yossie Frankel as the announcer, Tuvia Frankel as the first AI response and Robin Glickstein as the second AI response.

After sort of co-writing with ChatGPT, I was really happy to co-write The 5-Minute Game Show with an actual person – Eve Hirschman. It was a lot more fun. Spoiler: Stephen aced his game show.

I believe that educators everywhere should be hearing what Stephen has to say, so please share this episode with every educator you know.

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