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Overthrowing Education

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Aug 22, 2022

My guest is Starr Sackstein, who is returning for a third time! We are both extremely passionate about going gradeless and its very important companion - creative and authentic assessments. Our conversation is all about practicality. I have lots of episodes about going gradeless – all good, check them out, one of them also features Starr. Some focus on the philosophy behind going gradeless and some that are more like “how-to” do it? This discussion is more in the latter category. But we add that extra important piece mentioned above, creative and authentic assessments. It’s really hard to give feedback only and not a grade with traditional tests and quizzes. It won’t work. So, we also talk practically about assessments, as well. The fauxmercial on this episode, a parody of an old Discover card commercial, will make much more sense after you listen to the episode.


I’d like to thank my awesome guest, Starr Sackstein.

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