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Overthrowing Education

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Nov 28, 2022

Today, I’m continuing a hot topic in education right now -homework. My guests in this episode are incredible educators Starr Sackstein and Connie Hamilton who co-authored the excellent book, Hacking Homework. We have a great conversation that explores homework issues including giving practical ideas for how to do it right, if you have to do it all. And we also have a lot of fun!

When I asked parents and teachers on Twitter, “How do you feel about homework?” I received almost 500 answers, along with a healthy discussion. And while people had a variety of passionate opinions, most were respectful of each other. In addition to a lively Twitter discussion, one teacher, Alex Giorgianni, reached out to me with an amazing assignment he’s and his colleagues, Mike Rinyu and Maryann Hilton gave their sophomore World History/English 2 and Junior US History/English 3 classes when they were studying propaganda in the US. It was called “The War on Homework” – you can find the assignment on their episode page on the Overthrowing Education website. Also, you can see the incredible results of Flagler Palm Coast HS students here.

I want to give special thanks to my guests Connie Hamilton  and Starr Sackstein, my fauxmercial helpers Yossie and Tuvia Frankel, and Alex Giorgianni and the students of Flagler Palm Coast HS for sharing their work with us.

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Starr's TEDx Talk  A Recovering Perfectionist's Journey to Give up Grades

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