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Overthrowing Education

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Nov 14, 2022

My guests on this episode, Noah King and Peter Littig have podcast called The Math Club that I really love. I would never have guessed that I would enjoy a podcast about math, but I really love it. The show is a funny, clever and down to earth mode of explaining interesting math concepts . . . that I mostly understand.

Pete, Noah and I discuss how to make math approachable and fun to learn, and also fun to teach. We discuss a lot of really practical ideas and resources for that K-college math teachers as well as for other subjects wanting to try something cross curricular can use to make math relevant and meaningful to all students -even the ones who think, “I’m not a math person.”

Also, when I asked the guys if they wanted to write a fauxmercial with me, all I had was a title idea, Revenge of the Math People. Noah took that idea and ran with it - he wrote the script and produced it. He also designed a movie poster to go with it!

I want to thank my guests today, Peter Littig and Noah King, with a special thanks to all the Revenge of the Math people players: Noah, for writing and producing, and voice acting along with Eli Schiff, Tuvia Frankel, Yossie Frankel, Barbara Heller, Peter Littig, and me, and of course the amazing Math People kids -Mrs. Martinez's 3rd grade students from Marylin Avenue Elementary School.

Please don’t forget to recommend this episode, and the whole podcast to people you know would benefit from and/or enjoy it!

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