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Overthrowing Education

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May 31, 2021

My awesome guest on this episode is educator, author, and lovely, charming human being Lindsay Portnoy who joins me today to talk about why playing games, and playing in general are the best way to learn and how to incorporate games and play into any subject or grade. Lindsay has so many inspiring and wise approaches to education and we really geek out together on this favorite topic for both of us. As for the 5-Minute game show, Lindsay racks up lots of imaginary points as she slays it!

And speaking of slaying, don’t forget to listen to the hilarious live radio drama that I’m in called The Last Day of School, which I also helped write with some really funny education podcasters. It’s all a part of Edupodlooza on June 27th. Follow me on Twitter @overthrowinged and/or @Batshevafrankel, because I will be tweeting all about it.

Thank you so much to Lyndsay Portnoy and also to Yossie Frankel, the deep voice that joined me on the Edugamara fauxmercial.


Game On? Brain On! 

 Designed to Learn

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