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Overthrowing Education

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Apr 5, 2021

On this episode, I chat with the hilarious, charming, passionate educator and professional comedian, Joe Dombrowski. We talk about not only why teaching with humor and playfulness is crucial for deeper learning, but also how to make it happen in your classes and lessons, even if you don’t consider yourself naturally funny. You might know Joe from his many hysterical, viral YouTube Videos , or maybe you saw him on one of his appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which I made him tell me all about. And while I can’t say Joe was the most successful player of The 5-Minute Game Show, he was certainly one of the funniest. Don’t miss it at the end of the interview.

I want to thank my special guest, Joe Dombrowski, and all my fellow education podcasters who helped with my fauxmercial today: Charles Williams, Host of The Counter Narrative Podcast, Traci Browder host of Intelligogy, The Podcast, and a recurring favorite, Shane Lawrence of The Ed Podcast, and also Yossie Frankel.

See more of Joe’s great video’s and listen to his podcast:

Find Joe on Twitter: @MrDtimes3