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Overthrowing Education

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Oct 3, 2022

My guest today is longtime educator and author Jason Ablin. We talk about creating gender equality in education – what does it mean? What would it look like? And how to get it. Then Jason performs well with a music/literature mashup on The 5-Minute Game Show.


I did indeed pilfer today’s fauxmercial from an earlier episode on implicit bias and micro aggressions. But it could still apply here.

Speaking of fauxmercials, we held our first Fauxsie Awards Show honoring all the great talent that has helped me over the years with the commercial parodies near the beginning of every episode. We had a blast and I’ll share parts of it at a later date.


I want to give special thanks to Jason Ablin and an encore thanks to my fauxmercial helpers Jill Moray, Tzofiya Bookstein, Spencer Krull and Tuvia Frankel.

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Jason’s Book: The Gender Equation in Schools: How to Create Equity and Fairness for All Students

Website: Ablin Educational Services, LLC.

Blog: Educating Gender

Twitter: @jasonablin