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Overthrowing Education

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Jul 24, 2022

My guest is a fellow edupodster. Christopher J. Nesi is from House of Ed Tech, among others, and he’s an ed tech tool maven. In this episode, you’ll hear all about the awesome things he does in our discussion, which ranges from why podcasting is great for teachers and students to sharing some great tech tools and how to use them, and to giving some bold predictions of the future of tech education, as well as technology in general.

And speaking of the future - in the very near future, on Aug. 18th, 2022 you can watch the Fauxsie Awards. Aug 18th, happens to be the 3rd anniversary of this podcast. To celebrate, I am honoring the commercial parodies that come near the beginning of each episode and the talented people who helped me make them. We are having a live, online streaming ceremony, where you can meet some of the voices behind your favorite Overthrowing Education fauxmercials. And don’t forget to vote. Everyone who does can enter the raffle for great OE swag, and more prizes. You have until Aug. 10th to vote. The competition is heating up, so make sure to get your ballot in.

And On July 26th at , I’m giving a free on line workshop to humanities teachers about a game frame I co-created called Battle of the Big Ideas. This fantasy football meets big ideas game frame can be easily adapted to your curricula and student needs.  It’s a fun and creative way for students to dig deep into the content while developing the skills they need. This is not a badges or leveling up thing; it’s a sophisticated game frame which means that you take the basic frame work of the Battle of the Big Ideas game play, and have total freedom to create the perfect game for your content and students. Come join me at 4 pm PT on July 26th, for this free workshop! Register here.

I want to thank my warm and wise guest, Chris Nesi.

And special thanks to my husband, Yossie Frankel, who put on his star trek hoodie and socks to help write most of the script for the Star Tek fauxmercial, and he provided all of the male voices, possibly with some help from his star trek shot glass!

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