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Overthrowing Education

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Oct 22, 2023

Even before the extreme challenges of pandemic teaching, my guest, Amber Harper of The Burned-In Teacher Podcast was a valuable resource for helping with the very real problem of teacher burn-out that affects most teachers even multiple times in a career. But now, with everything educators have been through trying to teach in 2020, Amber’s Burned-In Teacher approach is a true remedy where she gives solid tools and advice on what to do when you’re feeling burnt-out. And then Amber plays a fun The 5-Minute Game Show, where the clues are Haikus.

Thank you so much to my wonderful guest, Amber Harper, and to my fauxmercial actors Dr. Shindale Seale, who has been an In the Trenches guest on past episodes, and of course, my husband, Yossie Frankel

Links for Amber:

Twitter, IG @burnedinteacher


Shows we love that we mentioned:

The Great British Baking Show

Sugar Rush

The Kids Baking Championship

Project Runway

Nailed It