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Overthrowing Education

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Jun 27, 2021

On this episode, my wonderful guest is educator and co-author of The Startup Teacher Playbook, Darcy Bakkegard. We have an in-depth conversation about why so much of traditional professional development for educators isn’t working and how teachers can take charge of and design their own PD. She also talks about why teachers are natural leaders even if they don’t see themselves as such. There are so many great takeaways in this episode. And at the end of our chat, Darcy plays a special musical theater version of The 5-Minute Game Show.

I’d like to thank my special guest Darcy Bakkegard as well as the fantastic people who helped me the Magic PD Dust fauxmercial, Shane Lawrence of The Ed Podast, Yossie Frankel and Rivi Frankel.

Resource Links:

The Educators' Lab Website

The Startup Teacher Playbook

Personalized PD Challenge- Darcy’s PD Challenge for the summer to help teachers turn ideas into action. Free to participate, all videos & resources will be on YouTube; no book required.

Darcy on Twitter: @DBakkegard

Michelle Blanchet (Co-Author of The Startup Teacher Playbook) on Twitter: @Educatorslab