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Overthrowing Education

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Jul 27, 2020

As school’s are still debating, at least in most places, about whether to or how to safely open schools, and many have already committed to beginning the school year remotely, we know that there will be so many challenges ahead no matter what route a school takes.  One of the biggest challenges, that many are not even considering with everything else to think about, is how to connect with our students, create a strong positive school culture and build a classroom community whether in a masked/physically distant classroom situation, where large groups cannot congregate in school, or in an online/remote situation. On today’s show, my guest, educator and author Hans Appel, and I discuss how to build a strong school community onsite, and also online. We also talk about making learning joyful, experiential learning, going gradeless, honoring student voice and much more! On In the Trenches, I share some ideas for creating classroom communities online, as well as in class, and I have a special announcement!