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Overthrowing Education

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Jan 22, 2023

After 2 more philosophical looks at AI in education, I wanted to bring in some super practical ways to incorporate ChatGPT and other AI sites into your lessons and schools as a whole. My guest is Ben Talsma who you might remember from Episode 28 which is all about making meaningful PBL units. Recently I saw that Ben is sharing some very meaningful, practical weird and wonderful ways to incorporate AI into all kinds of lessons, including, but not limited to PBL units.

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I just want to give special thanks to Ben Talsma. And don’t forget to get your Overthrowing Education swag.


Links and Resources:

Twitter: @BenTalsma.

To find great stuff that Ben has created for teachers, including awesome PBL units and tons of free resources, can be found at

This is really cool and helpful: ** The Sentient Syllabus Project **

ATLIS Association of Technology Leaders in Independent Schools: ATLIS: Artificial Intelligence in Edu (

AI - A Discussion for Education - Google Slides

More to come soon!!