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Overthrowing Education

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Mar 8, 2021

Prolific author and passionate educator Starr Sackstein is my guest for a great conversation about the power of questions and the importance of cultivating students’ curiosity. We had so much to talk about that I have a second episode with Starr about better assessments and going gradeless on my next episode. She also slayed the super hero-themed The 5-Minute Game Show at the end of our discussion.

On this episode, I also debut my new course, Lenses of Questioning, an approach I created to help students ask a wider variety of kind of question, and it helps teachers, too. In my course you’ll learn lots of activities and games you can do with your students to help them develop their analytical and critical thinking skills. Listen to this episode to get the discount code for the course. For more information, go to or write to me at

My special thanks to Starr Sackstein and to the voice over talent that helped me with my Lenses of Questioning not-so-fauxmercial, Shane Lawrence, from The Ed Podcast, and Yossie and Tuvia Frankel from my family.