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Overthrowing Education

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Sep 20, 2021

In this really informative and fairly goofy episode, I chat with my Edu podcaster friends, William Mealey and Christopher Tudisco about how important collegial relationships are for educators and how to make them happen. It’s a perfect topic for this very collegial team behind one of my favorite education podcasts out there, Unprofessional Development. Below is a link to when I was on their show ages ago. They also star in my commercial parody for the fake product “Create-a-Colleague”. When they sent me the MP3 of their parts, I laughed really hard at the recording which includes them trying to figure out a typo of mine near the end. While you heard how I edited them for the fauxmercial, I thought it would be fun to share the whole silly thing, so I added it at the end the episode. And by the way, Mealey and Tudisco absolutely nailed The 5-Minute Game Show at the end of their interview!

Special thanks to Tudisco and Mealey for the great conversation and the help with the fauxmercial.

Twitter: @Unprocast


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