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Overthrowing Education

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Apr 20, 2020

Today I speak with Liz Vogel from Facing History and Ourselves who gives us a snapshot of how to use history to strengthen our students and help them become true up-standers. As this episode comes out on April 19th, 2020, most of us have been hunkered down in our homes, dealing with distance learning and lots of other issues right now.  One thing that is always a problem whenever troubling times arise whether it’s a health crisis or a financial crisis – or in this case both – is the rise of hate – racism, Jew-hatred, xenophobia and so on.  It’s been rising to scary levels even before the Covid 19 pandemic, and now we are seeing it grow so much worse.  And when the extent of the financial repercussions become clear, we are at risk for seeing an even more intense rise in identity-based hate speech and hate crimes.  So, how do we as educators and parents help our students and kids make great choices and combat any potential problems?  Listen and find out!