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Overthrowing Education

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Jul 26, 2021

Today’s episode with educator and author Connie Hamilton is so near and dear to my heart. We have a great conversation about the importance of not only how to ask powerful, more focused questions, but also how students can do the same. Connie also shares how to respond to the “I don’t know” answer that we often get from students. She offers so much solid, applicable advice in this episode!

At the end of the interview. Connie plays a “pop songs with questions in the title” The 5-Minute Game Show. And super bonus: She sings some of the answers!

In my discussion with Connie you’ll hear me talk about my Lenses of Questioning course that has now officially launched. Watch the video  to find out more about the course and see to register.

I’d like to give my special thanks to Connie Hamilton for joining me and also a special shout out to my Lenses of Questioning commercial helpers Shane Lawrence from The Ed Podcast, Yossie and Tuvia Frankel.

Links and Resources:

Hacking Questions


Connie’s Free Resources

Follow Connie on Twitter: @conniehamilton

Check out the Lenses of Questioning Course