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Overthrowing Education

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May 16, 2022

My special guest is an educational tech expert, IT superstar and STEAM teacher, Yossie Frankel (and he’s also my husband!). I finally get to record a conversation about one of the most important changes we should make in education: Cross-curricular subject blending. Yossie and I chat about why it’s so important and how to do it seamlessly (including PBL).  And find out about what Yossie calls, “The Westly Crusher Effect”, my new acronym for all subject blending, and how Yossie’s augmented reality prediction is similar to a Korean Drama plot. Then we play the 5-Minute Game Show that combines fake educational products, puns and famous 80’s movies.

Lastly, we make a special announcement – The Fauxsy Awards- a tribute to Overthrowing Education’s commercial parodies will be held in August. Listen for more details on how to vote.

My special thanks to Yossie for this episode and all the wonderful ways he makes my life better (It’s our 18th wedding anniversary this week!).

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Catlin Tucker, Blended Learning expert

Looking to learn more about how to incorporate and integrate cross-curricular learning, great tech tools and/or PBL with customized workshops, courses, or coaching? NewLensEd.

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