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Overthrowing Education

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Feb 7, 2022

My guest, Barbara Heller, and I discuss how to integrate mindful meditation into your class routine to help your students feel centered, more focused and open up their channels to creativity, which can benefit all subjects.  Barbara is not only a thoughtful and passionate educator but also a published author, voice over artist, award winning film writer, director, playwright, and songwriter who also writes an original and evolving curriculum infusing mindfulness and creativity called “Meditate and Create.” In addition, she hosts a podcast called See One Beautiful Soul about what she calls the real F word- forgiveness.

Barb has been a regular voice actor on many of my fauxmercial, and the one on this episode is extra special because Barbara conceived of it, co-wrote it, does the two main voices – the young teen and the announcer - and she wrote and sang so beautifully the Forgive- Ness jingle. Lastly, you’ll hear some of the many voice impressions Barb does when we play a very unusual version of The 5-Minute Game Show.

Links and Resources

Barb’s original guided mindful meditations

And feel free to email her at for the worksheets that go along with the meditations or hire her to do a Live Zoom Meditate and Create session for you and your students or try a 1:1 Coaching.

See One Beautiful Soul: The podcast about Seeing the Good in Ourselves and Each Other!

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